"Look Back" Videos




Priceless | Timeless

Running time:  3 to 15 minutes


Perfect for:

•  Birthdays
•  Mother's Day
•  Father's Day
•  Grandparent's Day
•  Graduations
•  Weddings
•  Memorials
•  Or any other meaningful life event

It is a wonderful tradition to begin for your family.  It becomes a living work, which you may update yearly.  The process includes photo & video color correction,  audio editing, and graphics.


Additional services: 


 •  Annual updating of your film
 •  Project Archiving:  we archive the project
 you may add pictures & videos each year.
 •  Project Sharing:  we host your film online & 
may download
    it anytime, share it, or embed it anywhere.

•   Media organization:  choosing photos & videos to include 
•   Footage & Photo Archiving
•   Filming Scenes or Interviews
•   Digitial scans of still photos
•   Still photography 
•   Correction of photos to remove blemishes, etc.


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